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After a two week break, Glee is back tomorrow night – and it’s Regionals time once again!

This week’s show promises to be pretty packed with LOTS going on! You’ve probably already heard about Kathy Griffin‘s appearance as a Tea Party candidate turned Glee judge – she’s certainly wound up the ultra-sensitive Sarah Palin (go Team Griffin!)

There’s also plenty of songs on the way. The Glee gang will be singing three tunes, while the Dalton Warblers get FOUR performances including Pink‘s anthemic  ‘Raise Your Glass‘ and Maroon 5′s ‘Misery’.

But it’s the fact that the Glee club will be singing ORIGINAL songs this week that’s getting the most attention, especially since one of the tracks, ‘Loser Like Me’, was written by hit machine Max Martin (who produced pretty much all the best Britney material). Plus Mercedes gets a solo – ‘Hell To The No’ and ‘Get It Right’ is Rachel’s moment to shine.

Here’s a Sneak Peek at what’s in store… watch those original songs climb the Itunes chart on Tuesday night!