Okay everyone – how are you all finding season 2 of The Walking Dead?

We’re only 3 episodes into the new season and already the AMC zombie series has given us some great, memorable moments. I loved the ‘herd’ scene in Episode 1, the shock ending in the same episode – and of course Episode 3’s OMG revelation of what happened on Shane’s trip to the zombie infested school (more on that scene in a moment!)

But I’m afraid I do have one pretty big criticism of the season so far – and I have a feeling quite a few of you out there are feeling the same way. Is it just me or has Season 2 been really TALKY so far?

Now I don’t mind slow paced shows. You’ve all heard me raving about Mad Men here on the site and that isn’t exactly a zippy show. And Homeland, which I’m also following at the moment, is also a pretty slow series. But for me, The Walking Dead has crossed over and actually become a tad – dare I say it – boring at times!

Far too much of Episode 3 consisted of Rick and Lori debating the nature of the zombie invasion and whether their son Carl would be better off dead than living in a zombie infested world. It would have been a nice scene – except that we kept coming back to the same conversation again and again. And on top of that we had Andrea and Dale having pretty much exactly the same discussion both this week and last. And then there was Andrea and Daryl wandering off into the woods in the middle of the night and having a pretty pointless discussion of their own. Sheesh – where are the zombies when you need them!

Here’s the thing – I understand that The Walking Dead can’t just be about running away from the zombies all the time – but somehow the show’s makers are going to have to figure out a way to make the human characters engaging and interesting even when they’re not in mortal danger. And while that’s certainly a challenge just take a look at American Horror Story that still keeps us interested in between the scares and general creepiness…

Now to be fair to the makers of The Walking Dead, Episode 3 did ultimately make sense in the end. Sure the first 2/3 of the episode were a bit of a slog but I’ll forgive anything for that amazing ending where Shane shot Otis in the leg, pushed him away and left him as zombie chow in order to save his own skin and crucially get the medical supplies back to the farm to save Carl. The sequence was stunning because not only was Shane clearly shaken up by his decision but I think we as viewers also knew that he had no choice. Together the two would have died – and Carl needed those supplies in order to survive. It’s exactly these kind of moral dilemmas that make The Walking Dead interesting and I’m looking forward to seeing these kind of stories explored in the season ahead.

The fact is BECAUSE the rest of the episode had been so slow the scene was even more powerful. Suddenly the glacial pacing and gentle tone made sense. But boy, I wish I had known that all along as those scenes sure were a drag to get through.

Now I’m hoping that The Walking Dead has found its feet and we’re through the slowest moments of the season. As a huge Dead fan I’d really hate to see the show suffer from a season 2 slump…

But what do you think? Are you enjoying the second series of The Walking Dead or are you also finding the pacing a tad off at times? What did you think of Shane’s decision? Comment away…