Hmm, not sure how I feel about this one!

If you watched last night’s season finale of The Glee Project you’ll know that the results are in and ultimately – everyone was a winner!

Yep it was gold stars all round as Ryan Murphy gave all four of the finalists a chunk of Glee screen time in the Fall.

Samuel AND Damian were the TWO main winners – each securing a 7-episode guest arc on the show, while Lindsay and Alex were runners up, but were still awarded 2 episode guest appearances on the show.

Was that the right decision? Remember last week The Glee Project featured NO eliminations, making the show a pretty pointless installment of the reality competition. Ryan Murphy must really like this final four.

So here’s my take!

On the one hand I’m thrilled that Samuel won the show. He was consistently talented and likeable and you can totally see the character Ryan will write for him. The same goes for Damian, who has personality in spades, though sometimes slipped up on the vocals and performance front (remember he was constantly in the bottom three).

So I think Ryan definitely picked the right two out of the four. Alex had the vocal chops but came across unpleasantly at times. And besides isn’t his character just an African American version of Kurt? Then there’s Lindsay, who also excelled vocally, but was totally inauthentic and again felt like a lesser Lea Michele.

It seems to me Ryan is hedging his bets with this decision – basically carrying The Glee Project over onto the actual Glee mother ship. If Samuel, Damian, Alex or Lindsay excel during their respective arcs, the chances are their roles will be extended. And let’s be honest, Glee needs a lot of new blood this season with so many senior characters set to graduate at the end of Year 3.

But that’s also where I have some trouble with this decision. As I’ve said many times before, Glee is already a show over-stuffed with underwritten characters. Is adding four more to the mix really the right choice?

Most of all though I think Ryan’s decision torpedoes The Glee Project. To be honest I’m  not sure that the Project will return for a second season anyway – with Glee taking on water fast and honestly fighting for its own survival (as I predicted that 3D movie bombed, further souring the franchise). But regardless of the ratings, I think the credibility of The Glee Project has been compromised by this decision. It’s America’s Next Top Model – NOT Models! Survivor NOT Surivors. By giving away two top prizes and runners up roles, The Glee Project makes everyone a winner and its own existence a little redundant…

But then maybe that was the point of the show all along… after all, isn’t that what Glee itself is all about – making everyone a winner?

But what do you think? Are you pleased by The Glee Project result – or think it’s a messy compromise? What do you think of Samuel, Damian, Alex and Lindsay… and do you think any of them will stick around long term on the show? Fire away…