Jersey Shore truly is the STD of the TV world!

Hot on the heels of Geordie Shore and Desperate Scousewives check out Tallafornia, the Irish version of the guidos and guidettes smash!

Yes, it seems that big muscles, fake tan, excessive drinking and hot tub makeouts aren’t just particular to the New Jersey coastline, as the Tallafornia trailer makes clear.

I have to say the dark haired guy is very hot but the blonde guy with the mohawk screams gay to me! And let’s not even get into the cross eyed blonde girl. OMG!

The Tallafornia crowd hail from West Dublin, an area I’ve visited a few times over the years – but I can’t say I’ve ever come across guys that look as good as this.

Tallafornia premiered last weekend in Ireland and proved a big hit, delivering over 1/2 million viewers (in a country whose population is just over 6 million) – so expect the hook ups and bust ups to keep on coming. Funnily enough, over here Jersey Shore has likely peaked and I think is heading for some seriously declining ratings when season 5 debuts in the New Year…

In the meantime check out Tallafornia… in all its tanned and pumped up glory!