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After a two week break, Glee is back tomorrow night – and it’s Regionals time once again!

This week’s show promises to be pretty packed with LOTS going on! You’ve probably already heard about Kathy Griffin‘s appearance as a Tea Party candidate turned Glee judge – she’s certainly wound up the ultra-sensitive Sarah Palin (go Team Griffin!)

There’s also plenty of songs on the way. The Glee gang will be singing three tunes, while the Dalton Warblers get FOUR performances including Pink‘s anthemic  ‘Raise Your Glass‘ and Maroon 5′s ‘Misery’.

But it’s the fact that the Glee club will be singing ORIGINAL songs this week that’s getting the most attention, especially since one of the tracks, ‘Loser Like Me’, was written by hit machine Max Martin (who produced pretty much all the best Britney material). Plus Mercedes gets a solo – ‘Hell To The No’ and ‘Get It Right’ is Rachel’s moment to shine.

Here’s a Sneak Peek at what’s in store… watch those original songs climb the Itunes chart on Tuesday night!


It’s been a good few weeks since we last saw the wives of Wisteria Lane – so of course ABC has scheduled the latest episode directly opposite this weekend’s Grammys!

Smart move guys – that’ll be great for the ratings! (Just like the last original episode which you placed opposite the Golden Globes and which subsequently hit series lows) And to think people get paid big bucks to make these kind of decisions…

Oh well, since we’re all going to be watching the show on DVR here’s what we can expect…

Gaby’s in therapy – but not taking it too seriously, Susan finds a kidney – but with strings attached, and Bree’s web of lies regarding Keith’s secret son grows more complicated…

Check out the sneak peek below – and again shake your head at ABC’s dunderhead decisions…



The silly season is definitely here!

Hot on the heels of Glee’s truly appalling Christmas special, it’s ‘disaster’ time again on Wisteria Lane (I was wondering where that annual episode had gone!)

Over the year we’ve seen tornadoes, hostage crises and plane crashes hit the Lane – but for the final episode of the Fall season we have a RIOT to look forward to…

Yep, Desperate Housewives is definitely pushing it – check out the trailer below.

Am I the only one finding Paul Young’s bizarre revenge scheme increasingly nonsensical and implausible? As if Wisteria Lane could even gather enough people together to start a riot? And seeing Teri Hatcher‘s Susan crushed in the stampede is just pure comedy…


It’s been a while since we posted a Desperate Housewives Sneak Peek – 3 weeks of the air isn’t great for show momentum – and I suspect will hurt ratings this coming Sunday…

But Housewives still has 2 episodes to go this year and this week we finally get to see Paul Young’s grand plan put into effect as he starts moving undesirable elements into Wisteria Lane. I like Young’s character but am I the only one who’s finding this plot a little weak as the series ‘central’ mystery? For me it’s up there with Alfre Woodard keeping her son chained up in the basement!

Also – what happened to this year’s annual ‘disaster’ episode? In previous seasons we’ve had plane crashes, tornadoes and hostage situations each November Sweeps. Do I sense some ABC budget cutting?

Oh well, there’s still plenty of good stuff on the show. Gaby faces a moral dilemma regarding her ‘real’ birth daughter – and her illegal immigrant mom. Will Gaby rat on Carmen to keep Grace close by?

Meanwhile Rene opens up to Susan over dinner…

And Tom and Lynette argue over her emasculating attitude in front of the neighbors – check out the terrific punchline from McCluskey… brilliant!



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