Time for a bit of shameless self promotion here at Remote Patrolled.

As you may have noticed my postings have become a tad less frequent over the last couple of months due to the fact that I’ve become extremely busy on the TV production front (as well as managing Angry Trainer Fitness which has soared recently!)

I’m currently Executive Producing a brand new series for A&E set to launch in the Spring – but I’m also thrilled to announce a new show that my production company, Savannah Media, is currently working on (and which was announced in Variety magazine yesterday)

The show’s called Can You Survive A Horror Movie and takes a look at the science behind horror movies – of which I’m a HUGE fan (yes, I have indeed seen every single Friday 13th, Elm Street and Halloween!)

We’re producing the show for Chiller, the horror network who are really ramping up their original production at the moment. Last year the network premiered the zombie movie Remains, with more original films to follow in the new year. And on the unscripted front the network is also very busy – shooting a show about haunted house enthusiasts (American Scream) and a behind the scenes look at the More >