Time for a little comedy here at Remote Patrolled – and one of the most unexpected surprises of the Fall TV Season.

Let’s be honest – did anyone have high expectations for the new ABC sitcom Suburgatory? Aside from a dubious title and a complete lack of buzz there was also the fact that Suburgatory hailed from the producer of Emily’s Reasons Why Not – one of the biggest sitcom misfires of the last few years (remember how the Heather Graham starrer only aired ONE episode!)

But that’s the thing with the TV industry – you just never know where the next big hit might hail. Suburgatory isn’t a smash hit quite yet, but it’s doing a very good job as part of ABC’s terrific Wednesday night line-up and is gradually winning over an army of fans. For me the show is delivering at least 5 proper laughs an episode – which is 5 more than Two And A Half Men has ever given us – total!

In case you haven’t caught Suburgatory yet here’s the basic story. The show follows George and Tessa, a father and daughter who relocate from Manhattan to the suburbs. Tessa is the snarky teen who hates her new life but gradually week by week she’s starting to fit in and realize that her new neighbors aren’t quite so bad after all.

And what a bunch of neighbors they are! There’s Dallas (Cheryl Hines), the skimpily dressed queen bee and her bitchy daughter Dalia; the perma-tanned Noah (Alan Tudyk); and the Shays – crazy mom Sheila, cute but dumb son Ryan and downtrodden daughter Lisa (I for one am looking forward to Ryan’s return!)

As I write Suburgatory is still just 4 episodes into its run and to be honest still finding its feet. The show isn’t quite all there yet but what the series has done well is set up its own style (think Edward Scissorhands meets Clueless) and sense of humor (think early Desperate Housewives)

As for the MVP’s of the show – without a doubt it’s Dallas and Dalia. Whenever these two are on the screen the shows just comes alive – the characters are colorful and oh so funny. Dalia, played by Carly Chaikin, is an instant comedy classic – a sneering mean girl who’s also staggeringly stupid (check out the clip below) Meanwhile Hines has pulled off the tricky balancing act of making Dallas both shallow and sympathetic.YouTube Preview Image

That said I also have to give credit to Jeremy Sisto and Jane Levy for playing George and Tessa – essentially the ‘straight men’ of the show – but so much more than that. Tessa in particular could easily have become an unsympathetic Daria clone but Levy has given the character so much likeability it’s impossible not to warm to her.

To be honest the main weak link at the moment is Noah, the most underwritten character of the show who needs some more memorable character quirks or he’s going to disappear into the scenery. A real shame as actor Alan Tudyk certainly has comic timing, as anyone who’s seen the original Death At A Funeral can attest.

ABC have done a terrific job on Wednesday nights – creating a real must see line up with Suburgatory, Modern Family and Revenge (which gets better every week!) Even Happy Endings is now starting to pull in the ratings and is going on my DVR list. I’m afraid I draw the line at The Middle though!

So if you haven’t checked out Suburgatory yet – give it a go. I have a feeling this is a show a lot of people are going to be talking about in 2012.

So are you a Suburgatory fan? Who’s your favorite character – or scene so far? Comment away…