Okay – we’re now three weeks into the Fall TV season and it’s time to champion another of the new series currently unspooling on our screens.

Last time around I raved about Revenge, ABC’s fabulous Hamptons set soap that’s quickly becoming a cult favorite in the blogosphere.

Well this week’s pick isn’t all that dissimilar either. Yep, it’s Ringer, the twisty, turny twins drama that’s currently the best thing airing on The CW (not the highest of compliments it must be said!)

Once again I’ll state from the outset that I’m not making any great artistic claims for the Sarah Michelle Gellar saga. It’s not going to win any acting or writing awards and in places the show is downright corny (especially any scenes involving spoiled daughter Juliet)

But Ringer is also enormous fun – a totally ridiculous contrivance of a show that at any moment could topple over under the weight of its multiple storylines. One thing’s for sure – it’s certainly not boring!

If you haven’t been watching here’s a quick synopsis of the story so far. Bridget is the black sheep twin – a recovering alcoholic and former stripper who recently witnessed a mob murder. Called to testify, Bridget fears for her life, so skips town and meets up with her snooty rich bitch sister Siobhan. The two go for a horrendous blue screen boat trip, during which Siobhan disappears, presumed dead. So Bridget decides to assume her identity.

Of course taking the place of her deceased sister isn’t as easy it sounds! There’s Siobhan’s husband, Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) who’s suspicious of the new, nicer Siobhan. Then there’s Henry – the husband of Siobhan’s best friend Gemma, with whom Siobhan has been having an affair. Gemma just found out about the relationship so Bridget tried to come clean, but then Gemma tried to blackmail her and now it looks like Gemma might be dead – murdered by Henry! Phew!

The cops are in hot pursuit – led by Victor (Nester Carbonell) who’s gradually starting to figure out the truth. And then there’s Bridget’s sponsor, Malcolm, who’s been kidnapped by the mob. Oh and to cap it all off – Siobhan isn’t dead after all – but hiding out in Paris, where she’s on some sort of secret mission to cause trouble!

Okay – so if you’re not following the show so far it’s probably going to be tricky to jump in now. And to be honest that’s one of the problems Ringer faces – the more convoluted the plot becomes the harder it is to add new viewers. But I’m pleased to see that the show has been picked up for a full season – it deserves it. I for one certainly want to see how the various plots and schemes play out…

In many ways Ringer plays like a Spanish telenovela – with its twins, blackmail, murder and melodrama. And just like those short form series I’m not sure that Ringer can really run and run. Put it this way – I don’t expect Ringer to still be on our screens five years from now. But for now Ringer is a tasty delight – trashy and addictive.

Sure it’s not all quite working. I’m already bored of Bridget’s sponsor Malcolm, who we’re supposed to feel sorry for but since we barely know the character it’s hard to get worked up at this stage. And I do wish Andrew was a little less stiff – I’m looking forward to seeing some of his secrets spill out in future weeks. In future weeks Ringer would do well to let us into the lives of Andrew, Henry and other key characters in the show – Sarah Michelle Gellar can only carry so much of the action. And I do hope that Ringer doesn’t pull a Lost and have us waiting forever for answers (though I think networks have learned a lot from the mistakes of the ABC series)

For now I’m just happy to enjoy the ride. Who knows how I’ll feel in a few weeks time – but that’s the thing about bubblegum TV – you never know when it’s going to lose its flavor!

But what about you? Are you following Ringer – and why? What do you think should happen next? Comment away…