If you, like me, are hungry for more Game Of Thrones, take a look at this just released behind the scenes look at the upcoming second season…

I can’t really call this video clip a First Look or a proper teaser as it doesn’t reveal a whole lot – but it’s at least a vague taste of what’s to come.

Game Of Thrones was a show that really surprised me first time around. I’m normally not a fan of grungy, fantasy series but Thrones was so fascinating and complex and featured such terrific characters it was hard not to get sucked into the world. For me the series got better every single week – and it seems I wasn’t the only one who felt that way, with viewing figures climbing pretty much every week, ending on a high of 3.04 million.

My instinct is that Game Of Thrones will really explode in Season 2, in the same way that True Blood truly took off after its first season. The big challenge will be maintaining the show’s quality – and bringing the series’ more fantastical elements to life – remember Daenerys and her recently hatched dragons!

The second season of Thrones will launch on HBO in April – so will you be watching?