Okay so we don’t have 24 anymore (until the just announced movie in 2012!) – but check out Homeland, the similarly themed drama coming coming soon to Showtime.

Instead of Jack Bauer we have Carrie Anderson, a brilliant CIA officer played by Claire Danes. Carrie’s convinced that Scott Brody (Damian Lewis), a recently rescued US prisoner of war, is actually part of a terrorist plot to cause destruction on American soil. Of course proving her theory is another story with even Carrie’s boss and mentor Saul (Mandy Patinkin) doubting her evidence…

So will Carrie go all Jack Bauer on us and save the world… I have a feeling she will!

Great to see Claire Dane back on our screens again following her triumphant turn in Temple Grandin. Honestly you have to wonder why any actress would even bother with the movies these days when TV offers up juicy parts like these for the likes of Danes, Kate Winslet (loving Mildred Pierce by the way), Glenn Close and many others. With dreck like Arthur, Hop and Sucker Punch clogging up cinemas at the moment TV really is the place for great drama…

So what do you make of Homeland? Will you be watching?


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