Check out the most talked about moment from last night’s Simpsons‘ premiere – as the cast of Glee introduce Lisa to the world of arts education.

It’s a smart move on the part of Fox to revive interest in the flagging series – now in its 22nd season. The Simpsons averages around 6 million viewers an episode now, down from a high of 13 million in the show’s heyday. But with Glee now getting those kind of figures some cross promotion was obviously in order.

Also turning up in the episode were Bret McKenzie and Jermaine Clement from uber-pretentious comedy Flight of the Conchords (the hipsters’ show of choice – as you can tell I’m not a fan!) The two played artists living in Springfield who tell Lisa that following her passion for art could lead to a wonderful life… until she realizes the pair live in abject poverty!

So did you watch The Simpsons last night – and what do you think of the show’s current quality? Start weighing in…