Regular Remote Patrolled readers will know how much I love zombies – as evidenced by my frequent adulation for The Walking Dead on AMC!

But this Fall it looks like we’ll be getting a double dose of undead action – courtesy of horror network Chiller, who are premiering their latest made for TV movie, Remains.

Remains is based on a 2004 graphic novel by Steve Niles, the guy behind vampire movie 30 Days Of Night (one of the most under-rated films of the last few years if you ask me). The action focuses on a casino over-run by flesh eating zombies – and as you’ll see from the trailer, these guys move fast, unlike The Walking Dead’s shuffling corpses.

Along for the ride are Grant Bowler, recently snarling his way through True Blood as werewolf Coot, and Miko Huges, the little boy from Pet Semetary, now all grown up.

Remains premieres towards the end of the year… so will you be watching?

YouTube Preview Image