We all know art imitates life – and it looks like we’re going to be seeing a lot of shows in the coming months that use the current financial crisis as a backdrop.

Hot on the heels of ABC’s hit Revenge (rich people behaving badly) comes House Of Lies – the new Showtime series that’s about the ’1% sticking it to the 1%’

Based on a book by Matthew Kihn titled House Of Lies: How Management Consultants Steal Your Watch And Then Tell You The Time, Lies features a team of consultants who’ll go to any lengths to get their clients the information they need.

Leading the pack is Don Cheadle, another acclaimed actor heading to the small screen (and we wonder why movies suck so bad!) Then there’s Kristen Bell, a talented actress who in my opinion hasn’t quite found her career making role yet. Bell plays a ‘razor sharp, Ivy League graduate who works with Cheadle’. Cue plenty of snappy banter!

All sounds great on paper – but am I the only person who thinks this trailer really sucks. I didn’t laugh, or even smile, once – the characters seemed totally obnoxious – and I didn’t even find the show clever / smart (in a West Wing kind of way). Are these really the best moments Showtime could find. Let’s hope the next trailer is a bit more interesting…

House Of Lies launches January 8th 2012. So will you be watching…

YouTube Preview Image