Time for another new strand here at Remote Patrolled – and this one’s a doozy!

Have you got a favorite actor or actress that you just adore – and yet somehow they keep turning up in truly terrible series that squander their talents and just have you screaming ‘what were you thinking?’ Yep it’s time they fired their agent!

To kick us off let’s start with Megan Mullally. Oh Megan – where do I begin!

Like pretty much every gay man in American (heck the world) I just adored Mullally in Will And Grace. Starring as the fabulously wealthy and spoiled Karen Walker, Megan was consistently hilarious and pretty much the definition of a scene stealer.

But ever since the NBC sitcom ended in 2006, Megan Mullally has been adrift, stumbling from one bad project to another.

There was her ill-conceived talk show, which lasted just 71 episodes and was an embarrassing shambles of showtunes and suck up interviews. Not bad enough? Than how about In The Motherhood, a dreary mommy martyrs sitcom than aired just two episodes before the plug was pulled. And don’t even get me started on the Fame remake, one of the worst movies of the last decade – and you’re talking to someone who sat through Morning Glory and Transformers 2 (well 30 minutes of it anyway).

Sure Megan has appeared in some ‘cool’ projects like Children’s Hospital and Party Down – but neither are exactly mainstream hits. And true she’s appeared in four episodes of Parks And Recreation, the little seen NBC comedy whose total audience is probably smaller than the whole Will And Grace production team. But in the TV world success is fleeting – and 5 years without a significant TV role is a lifetime.

Personally I think Megan’s lack of post-Will And Grace success is a TV tragedy. This woman is funny, funny, funny – but somehow no-one’s been able to find the right vehicle for this terrifically talented performer. So what should she do?

Well for starters I’d drop the comedy for a while – unless there’s a juicy role truly worthy of Megan’s talents. Instead I think Mullally should go the dramatic route – taking a page out of the Ted Danson / Martin Short / Lily Tomlin playbook and appearing on a serious, meaty show like Damages. I’d love to see Megan show some range and prove that she’s more than Karen Walker. She needs a role that’s a total 180 from her iconic NBC character to truly wipe the slate clean.

Then it’s time to get back to the comedies – but this time in a leading role. Forget the second banana parts and guest appearances, Megan should be front and center in a Roseanne style role. Honestly if Whitney Cummings and Chelsea Handler can score their own sitcoms, why not Mullally? Why not pair up Megan and Kathy Griffin in a double header featuring two fabulous and freshly single fifty-something ladies – an edgier Hot In Cleveland perhaps? Or make Megan a magazine editor or TV show boss in a Murphy Brown style show?

To be fair Megan has recently signed up to star in the second season of Breaking In, playing Christian Slater’s boss at the fictional security company he runs. Meanwhile she’ll continue to recur on Children’s Hospital, Parks And Recreation and ABC’s Happy Endings. But give that Breaking In is still a show on life support and Happy Endings is only now starting to show signs of stability – there’s still a way to go before Megan regains her must see status.

But who knows, maybe all these guest appearances will eventually pay dividends. Hollywood, what are you waiting for? Get brainstorming now. Heck if Tim Allen can stage a comeback in the monstrously unfunny Last Man Standing there’s plenty of room for this funny lady…

But what do you think? Are you a Megan Mullally fan? And what do you think of her post Will And Grace career? Fire away…