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Here’s the latest video from the guys at Funny or Die – a dance instructor spoof starring Dylan McDermott from The Practice (and more recently TNT’s Dark Blue)

The formula over at FOD seems pretty clear now – take a celebrity looking for exposure, write a skit around them (the more ridiculous the better), then sit back and watch the hits start piling up. And for McDermott this is a chance to break out from his more serious characters and show his comedic side… (for all those watching casting directors)

Dean’s character John Douche is kind of a cross between Fabio and Brit reality sensation Louie Spence – and the sketch as a whole is fun, though pretty much based on a one joke premise (that over-sized crotch) and as always about twice as long as it needs to be!

But what do you think? Did “The Douche School of Dance“make you laugh? Does it make you see Dean in a different light? And should he be tackling more comedic roles? Start weighing in…