The pre-launch hype continues!

Even though it doesn’t debut until summer 2012, TNT are determined to make a big splash with their remake of the iconic primetime soap Dallas. Check out the latest trailer, which features some more scenes from the new show as well as a selection of soundbite heavy cast interviews (lit to within an inch of their lives!)

I’ve said before I’m not really a Dallas fan but I think the show’s makers are being very smart by featuring both new cast members AND several of the originals. In fact I was talking about this very topic just the other day with a network executive friend of mine. He felt that one of the reasons the new Charlie’s Angels failed was that it had no link to the past – and I think he could be right!

So will Dallas succeed? Well given that TNT has a huge middle American audience I’d say it stands a very good chance. Plus soap operas seem to be back with a vengeance, given the success of ABC’s Revenge. In fact I wonder if the broadcast nets aren’t kicking themselves a bit that they let Dallas slip through their fingers and head to cable.

Anyway check out the trailer below – and get ready for plenty more hype and teasers in the months to come!