The saga continues!


Wow – who knew one piece could generate quite so much interest! You Chuck fans sure are a committed bunch!

The argument I was making – and which I still stand by – is that Chuck simply isn’t a hit for NBC – so why stay with a show that isn’t doing well and quite simply will never blossom into a hit? Last night the show generated a puny 1.9 18-49 share and barely cleared 5 million viewers. Heck even Rules of Engagement is doing better. That’s gotta hurt!

I’ve read with interest many of the comments posted on the piece and though I don’t agree with all of them – I certainly admire the passion of the Chuck fans!

But my point is – and still remains – that Chuck is a dead show walking. It’s been on the air for three years now and people still aren’t sampling the show, despite a heavy promo push from NBC. What else is going to happen with the show? How on earth is it going to improve its ratings? And it seems I’m not the only one who’s asking this question – check out this great piece by TV writer Jaime Weinman.

I understand the reasoning behind renewing similarly low rated shows like Parks and Recreation and Community – they’re first / second season shows, with NBC friendly talent (like Amy Poehler) and could grow with an additional season. But if they don’t increase ratings over the next year I’d be arguing just as vociferously that they too should get the chop (and as a TV producer myself I’ve been on the wrong end of the chopping block many times over the years)

Last time I checked NBC wasn’t a charity. They’re in the business of making money – and Chuck simply isn’t pulling its weight. People may complain about shows like Biggest Loser and Celebrity Apprentice but those shows get good ratings, cost peanuts and are awash with product placements and trade outs (though I wish they’d tone it down a bit at times!)

If people love Chuck that’s great – I’m not arguing against the quality of the show. I’m just looking at the cold hard figures – and no matter how you spin them Chuck’s are nothing special. So for me it’s time Chuck checked out…