When Does It Start: Wednesday 28th September at 8.30pm EST on ABC

In A Nutshell: Snarky city girl moves to the suburbs – and hates her new life!

What’s It About: Single dad George (Jeremy Sisto) is trying hard to raise his 16-year-old daughter Tessa in Manhattan. But after discovering a box of condoms in Tessa’s bedroom, George decides a life change is in order, and moves the twosome to the suburbs.

There the pair must deal with amorous neighbors (hello Cheryl Hines), annoying jocks, stuck up beauty queens, spray tans and nose jobs. Welcome to Suburgatory…

What’s The Competition: Survivor on CBS; H8R on The CW; The X Factor on Fox and Free Agents on NBC

Will It Succeed: I have to admit I found the Suburgatory trailer far funnier than many of the other Fall comedy series (I’m looking at you 2 Broke Girls!) In fact it reminded me of Desperate Housewives in quite a few ways. Unfortunately Suburgatory has pretty much zero buzz at the moment – no one’s talking about it, I’m scarcely seen any reviews and ABC have hardly attempted any publicity for the show (in contrast, how many posters have we all seen for Pan Am and Revenge?) Have ABC given up on the show before it even airs?

Could be. Suburgatory is produced by writer and actress Emily Kapnek. Unfortunately Kapnek’s last show was the Heather Graham starrer, Emily’s Reasons Why Not – which lasted a stunning ONE episode before being unceremoniously yanked, again by ABC! In fact I’m surprised the network and writer are working together again – that rarely happens on the heels of a flop show.

That said this time around things are a little different. One of the reasons Emily was pulled so quickly was because ABC had pumped so much money and promotion into the show that they had huge ratings expectations. With Suburgatory I’m sensing a much lower ratings bar (as reflects the networks in general) Plus the suburban sitcom has a good timeslot – sandwiched between the popular, but far from smash hit, The Middle – and the widely adored Modern Family. If Suburgatory can keep hold of most of its Middle lead in it should be able to stick around for a while.

As for the Suburgatory competition – well it’s a mixed bag. H8R and Free Agents are already dead shows walking and probably won’t be around for too much longer – frankly they’re in a race to see which will be cancelled first (my money’s on Free Agents!). Meanwhile Survivor is weakened and far from the reality phenomenon it used to be. But The X Factor could be a problem. Sure the Fox show wasn’t the out of the gate smash hit Simon Cowell wanted, but it’s still a ratings force and one that’s likely to grow in the coming weeks and months.

Chances Of A Second Season: Given the lack of buzz it’s not looking good for Suburgatory – but if the trailer’s any indication I’m rooting for the one!