When Does It Start: Tuesday 18th October at 8.30pm EST on ABC

In A Nutshell: 3 guys complain about their lives. A lot.

What’s It About: Meet Will, Craig and Kenny. They’re middle aged and miserable – emasculated by their partners and struggling to assert their masculinity in a world of metrosexuality.

Will is bored by his job and going through the motions, Craig still pines for his college ex and Kenny is jealous of his ex-wife’s hunky new boyfriend. By the way – Man Up is meant to be a comedy!

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What’s The Competition: NCIS on CBS; 90210 on The CW; The Biggest Loser on NBC and Glee on Fox.

Will It Succeed: The Fall trend for downtrodden men continues in what looks like one of the most dispiriting sitcoms of the season!

As if Tim Allen in Last Man Standing wasn’t bad enough – now we have these three losers. Hey guys – there’s a reason why people treat you badly – you’re kind of pathetic!

Yep, as if you couldn’t tell – I hate ‘battle of the sexes’ style comedies and Man Up looks like one of the most annoying of the bunch. You’ve probably heard by now that the general trend this season has been for female fronted comedies (2 Broke Girls, New Girl, Suburgatory) and dramas (Pan Am, Ringer, Revenge). So where does that leave the men? Well hopefully not in shows like this… seriously, did you crack a single smile during the teaser? The jokes were so obvious – and mean spirited to me.

Here’s the thing – I don’t know that people necessarily want to watch a show about men struggling in a modern world. Just take a look at TNT’s Men Of A Certain Age, which barely made it the end of its second season. Or how about Fox’s quickly cancelled Traffic Light? It’s not that comedies can’t tackle male neuroses – but I just think you can do it in a smarter way. Check out the New Girl guys, who all have their share of issues but also remain optimistic, caring and funny. Or Jay in Modern Family, who sees the world changing around him but is also a well written character who fires off some of the best lines in the show (then again, is there a single weak link on Modern Family?)

Coupled with Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing, ABC are obviously intending for Tuesday nights between 8 and 9 to become their ‘guy’ zone. Because of course – that’s what guys want to do at 8pm midweek, sit down and watch family friendly sitcoms! Why not add some more edge to the shows and put them on at 10pm instead? Besides won’t the Man Up audience already be watching NCIS on CBS?. It feels to me that ABC have jumped on the bandwagon a tad late and I’m barely feeling any buzz for Man Up.

Chances Of A Second Season: It’s been a good season for comedy so far but I just can’t see Man Up taking off, especially on ABC in that timeslot.