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They’re here – The X Factor USA live shows have arrived – but what did you make of all the much hyped production numbers? Any $5 million winners in the bunch?

Before I deliver my category by category thoughts here’s a few general notes:

1) Could host Steve Jones be any blander? Sure Jones looks great in a suit but I don’t think I detected anything resembling a personality during the entire length of last night’s 2 1/2 hour show. It just goes to show how valuable Ryan Seacrest is to the Idol franchise.

2) What a relief to finally hear some DIFFERENT songs on a music competition show. I’m so tired of tracks like Mack The Knife, Alone and Hallelujah being performed on Idol – so it was definitely a breath of fresh air to hear contestants taking on Britney’s Womaniser, Come On Eileen, Do You Really Want To Hurt Me and I Kissed A Girl. Sure it didn’t all work but it was good to see X Factor artists actually trying on some more contemporary songs. No Fleetwood Mac / Beatles week here!

3) I liked the Judges’ squabbling but it’s gonna get real old real fast if they don’t start criticizing More >

Okay – quick confession time here – the X Factor Groups are starting to grow on me!

All season long it’s felt like The Groups were the weak link in The X Factor – ironic given that they’re one of the main elements that set the show apart from Idol and The Voice. But I don’t think any of us were looking forward to live shows that might include Illusion Confusion and 4Shore!

But I have to say – giving The Groups to Paula was definitely the right move. Her background in choreography is a great fit for the category and she put together some entertaining – though admittedly not vocally perfect – performances.

Here’s Intensity in action – the kid group that everyone on the internet seems to hate – but I really like! Sure the blonde girl was pretty flat – but as a whole I think the guys are great – full of energy and enthusiasm – and the kids will love em! I also really liked the mash up of songs (something else Idol doesn’t do) and picking Footloose was a smart move given the recent movie remake. Well done Paula!

Elsewhere The Stereo Hogzz were a tad underwhelming for me and More >